The Honor Retreat

With Bentinho Massaro and Anurag Gupta

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Elevate yourself beyond confusion & fear in this 5-day online program

Cowardice—no matter how subtle or justifiable—creates a weak and unfulfilling life. There is no way around this fact. The only worthwhile path forward is to accept the invitation of honor.

Fortunately, the shift to honor is possible for anyone who is truly ready. And when just one person makes that shift, the ripple effects are massive.

The Honor Retreat beckons. This 5-day immersion is led by two seasoned disruptors and masters of honor. Bentinho Massaro and Anurag Gupta are teachers of very different disciplines with one thing in common: a passion for honor. They have 40+ years of combined experience in the field of self-actualization and self-realization; guiding tens of thousands of students to their potential and training free agents of love, wisdom, and service to others.

After the Honor Retreat you will no longer fall for the allure of safety. You will no longer compromise your values to appease societal expectations.

After the Honor Retreat, integrity will no longer be a fleeting virtue for you; it will be a guiding principle. Confidence will no longer be a rare commodity; but the norm.

Make the shift to a true, bold, unafraid version of yourself; one rooted in courage, integrity and honor.

Do it not only for yourself and your own fulfillment, but for humanity at large.

It is no understatement to say that the world needs your most honorable version now.

Honor solves everything when properly understood and integrated.

This program about honor is activating a powerful way of seeing and being. Honor is a principle so simple and essential, it can guide all your choice-making for living a life beyond anything you thought possible.

The result of choosing Honor is the control of your immediate and long-term happiness, while serving the whole in the most beneficial way.

This program results in a permanent mindset shift:

The Honor Retreat is designed for those who want to bring authenticity and integrity into all areas of their lives.

You are confident in making decisions and in taking action on what you know is true.

You are living your purpose boldly and fearlessly.

You are honest and clear in your communication, which positively impacts your relationships and career.

You are unshakable in your self-trust and know that the Universe has your back.

You feel connected to your heart and inner guidance. All aspects of your life feel exciting and true.

You experience a sense of relief, ease and peace by letting go of endless seeking and striving.

Are You Living the Life You Came Here For?

“All spiritual work & personal development could be replaced by honor.

Living honorably is all you have to do.

It will sort everything else out.”

- Anurag

Bentinho on Honor:

"Both Anurag and myself could not find any insight or methodology that we have taught before, that did not fit in perfectly with the directive of Honor.

Honor is and solves everything when properly understood and integrated without compromise into one’s day to day living experience.

Honor includes and empowers: devotion, meditation, will, faith, balance, integrity, empowerment, self-realization, karmic resolution, healing, purity in relationships and business, focus, alignment, transparency/honesty, living true to your calling, building new realities, living an exciting life, and so forth.

Literally everything Anurag or I have ever instructed could be categorized under the umbrella concept of ‘honor’ and all of it would be consistent with that principle.

Furthermore, it is the principle that most connects the different versions of the same work Anurag and I share, the bond we have, as well as the lives we live and what we live for."

What is included in the program:

  • 5 days (10 sessions) of cutting-edge teachings by 2 Self-Realization and Self-Actualization masters.
  • A learning experience that is powerful, enjoyable and easy to integrate, which you can do in your own time, from the comfort of your home.
  • Engaging Q&A sessions featuring participants, making the teachings practical and relatable to your life.
  • Homework assignments and pointers that will assist you in fully integrating the teachings.
  • A total mind and state change that will shift the trajectory of your life.

Clarity and power that lasts. The Honor Retreat.

Your Guides

Anurag and Bentinho often co-lead small exclusive retreats for highly committed individuals, and their combined energy has a synergistic and transformative effect on the audience. These two masters of living true, both with their own unique strengths, will lead you to living in uncompromising alignment with your true self.

“Anurag and I guarantee that there is nothing like this out there. I do not intend this as a statement of arrogance, but as a statement of observation, based on over 45 years of our combined experience with intense learning, teaching, coaching and meeting others in these fields. There is nothing as effective and immediate as this combination when it comes to living a truly aligned, spiritually AND practically empowered, legitimately awakened, and even transcendent, life.

Become fit to make the difference for others while being deeply fulfilled yourself.

You’ll be faced with two alchemists who have nothing but the highest version of you in their minds; it is the end of ‘you’ as you know yourself to be. This alchemy will be tailored to your unique needs and deepest intentions (which are often yet to be fully revealed to yourself). It will be delivered with a ‘no-nonsense policy’ toward your tendency to bullshit yourself, yet with great love and respect throughout. And who knows? We might even have a lot of fun together. Because, why not?”

— Bentinho Massaro

Participant Testimonials

“Since the retreat, the word Honor comes up a lot. It means for me a higher, purer version of the honesty, integrity and courage that has already been the compass of my heart.

When I feel or sense words that want to be spoken, presence that wants to be shared, or actions that happen from seeing value for all, I find myself lifted up, and I feel even more inspired and encouraged to be, act, speak or stay silent, in an honorable aligned way!!

I love the upgrade in my Being!! Fuck Yes!!”

- Carla Gonzalez

“For me, the change is an enigma.

It's as if everything has changed, yet nothing has changed. I find that I no longer hold reference points to my past, present and future from here. It is difficult for me to remember a past where I was different. Odd!

I honour what is in front of me with a more profound, more aware/real presence, be it time with my children, family, friends, and working with my business.

I have noticed a subtle but profound change in the directness and exactness of my communication. I don’t talk so much.

I have made some significant decisions/intentions for this life and my work, and the intensity around certain areas has elevated. These are some challenging concepts for the societal idea of a family, but lovingly under consideration by my wife and kids.

I remain confirmed in remembering my truth, who I am and purifying my connection to God. Thank you both for the guidance.”

- Ash Karra

“I have just launched my new level of service yesterday. I am finally giving my first retreat. Saying goodbye to old clients. And actually, a lot is just happening without specifically needing an intended action from me. All in a loving and appreciative way.

I am noticing how I used to think everything should be in place before I put anything out there. I am now creating as I put it out there. Totally more flowy. More trusting. And yesterday, in one day, the retreat location came into place, after the day before realizing I needed a warm and rules-free location.

Fear of how it comes across, or thoughts of how many people are attending, have lost my interest.

I also notice my communication with friends has gone up a notch. I’m more fiercely not accepting bullshit. And the other day, my friend thanked me for not listening to her martyr story anymore. She thanked me for the kick in the butt. And so, I thank you guys for the kick in my butt.

Much love, Esther."

- Esther van Toledo

“This retreat transformed so many things in me. I can recognize how much the new frequency of Honor has cleaned up this vessel.

It is a frequency that is only found in the now and is extremely flexible. What is honorable in this segment may not be honorable in the next one. Its infinite potential and versatility supports an infinite, organic evolution and alignment to the truth, in such an organic way that I didn’t even realize that something was transforming.

Once you connect with this frequency, it works through you with its infinite intelligence a step at a time.

Thank you, Ben! Thank you, Anurag! Thank you, team!

Thank you to each one of my fellow participants.

This retreat is still changing my life, and will do so for the rest of my existence.

Honor Retreat 2.0? I know that there’s so much more of this frequency to explore and expand!”

- Valerie Caceres


This retreat is available for $399. (This retreat is valued at $4,500.) We have options to pay in full or in 2 installments of $200.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This retreat is designed to take place over 5 days. You can complete the retreat in 5 days, or take it at your own pace.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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